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A phrase repeated often during the four hours of fishing on Lake Mille Lacs. Sunday, June 23rd didn’t start out too well, with spotty rain showers and windy conditions. This didn’t stop 16 Branch 9 members from launching out of the Twin Pines Resort for some mid-morning fishing. The resorts launch supplies fishing rods and bait. The crew sets each line to the proper depth, baits hooks, and nets all fish. The rain let up, and with a good “walleye chop”, 39 walleyes were landed in just under four hours of fishing. Most fish were within the slot limit, but eight were keeper sized. John Frick (retiree, Brklyn Center) caught the largest walleye at 29 inches, and another at 26 inches. After docking, we were treated to a broasted chicken dinner with all the fixins in the Twin Pines dining room. Thanks to Ken Jambois for arranging the trip, and thanks to Linda at Twin Pines for being the perfect hostess.


Cross River Battle Branch 9, Minneapolis vs. Branch 28, Saint Paul The Branch 9 hockey team fell to Branch 28’s hockey team by the close score of 11 - 8.


Exhausting forced overtime for Branch 9 carriers

Branch 9 Picnic 2011

Branch 9 Fishing on Lake Mille Lacs Twin Pines Resort

Perfect weather and a knowledgeable crew who kept us “on the fish” made for a great morning of fishing. Two launches took 51 carriers and their families out for social interaction and loads of fun. Fishing poles and bait were provided, and the deck crew constantly checked that each guest had their fishing lines at the proper depth. The fish were active as several large perch and walleye were caught. After a wonderful morning, we were treated to lunch at the Twin Pines Resort restaurant. Plenty of roasted chicken with hash browns and cole slaw were served by a great wait-staff. Everyone had a nice time and the Twin Pines Resort made sure we were treated well.

$25 prize for biggest fish caught per boat
Greg Praml (Eastside) 15 inch walleye
Judy Thorbus (Brklyn Park) 17½ inch walleye