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Mission: To make safety a part of out daily routines.


Injured on the job? here a CA1 Forms


Station Safety Program

The Station Safety Team (SST) will meet bi-weekly and jointly to:

The names of carriers and management participating in their Station Safety Team will be submitted to the City Safety Team for review.

The City Safety Team (CST) will meet monthly and will consist of the Branch President and the Postmaster and/ or more than two (2) designees who will participate on their behalf.

The Branch President and the Postmaster reserve the right to approve or reject individual Station Safety Team members.

Don’t put yourself in danger in the cold: The Postal Service has issued mandatory safety talks to be given to all employees regarding protection from cold temperatures.Click here to find the documents that management was to provide you through these stand up talks. If management has not provided these safety talks, advise your supervisor, shop steward, branch officers or, if necessary, your national business agent. Bottom line: Do not put yourself in danger.




Rights in Hazardous Weather/ Unsafe conditions info

NALC Safety and Health here

criCRI (City Readiness Initiative) is a federally funded program established in 2004 to provide emergency medication to densely populated areas in the event of a large-scale bio terrorist attack, such as Anthrax. Other major cities have been testing on a limited basis with the use of postal employees, but Minneapolis was the first full-scale test in the nation with coordinated local law enforcement, the Minnnesota Department of Health, Emergency Management agencies, and the Postal Service. The goal of this test was to determine if emergency medicines could be distributed to the general population by postal employees within the first 48 hours of a national emergency. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, approximately 37,000 antibiotic bottles were delivered to residential addresses on Sunday morning June 6th starting at 5:30 AM. Letter carriers joined with local law enforcement to distribute mock medicine bottles and information into mailboxes in the 55101, 55102, 55411, and 55422 zones.