2016 Red and Gold Banquet

How to Retire (article)

Northside Retiree Breakfast
1st Tuesday of the Month
9:30AM @ Elsie’s
729 Marshall St. NE, Minneapolis

N Suburban Retiree Breakfast
1st Friday of the Month
8:30AM @ Denny’s Restaurant
9020 Quaday Avenue NE, Otsego

Southside Retiree Breakfast
2nd Tuesday of the Month
9:00AM @ Fred Babcock VFW
6715 Lakeshore Dr, Richfield

Nokomis Retiree Breakfast
4th Tuesday of the Month
9:00AM @ Fred Babcock VFW
6715 Lakeshore Dr, Richfield

4th Monday of the Month
6:00PM - Labor Centre -2nd Floor
312 Central Ave, Minneapolis




Retirement Breakfasts One of the great pleasures of taking over this assignment is all the new friends I am making, under the best of circumstances. At this writing, I have been to an AFL-CIO Regional Labor Federation event, and I’m looking forward to attending the Minnesota State Retiree Council. Furthermore, our Branch leaders have taken pains to acquaint me not only with issues and opportunities for Retirees, but many of the people involved as well.

One which we can all enjoy is the Branch Retirement Breakfasts. These are open to Branch 9 retirees, obviously. But in my experience they bring friends (even grandchildren!), Branch officers, and occasionally even some active carriers (who are off) will show up. All these are welcome. The breakfasts are generally agendafree, other than the impromptu shenanigans we can dream up. But it’s an opportunity to renew acquaintances, and keep up with old friends. Conversation is usually light, occasionally serious and information can be exchanged.

The “Northside” breakfasts are held on the first Tuesday of each month at Elsie’s (729 Marshall St NE) at 9:30AM. The “Southside” breakfasts are on the second Tuesday of the month at the Fred Babcock VFW (6715 Lakeshore Drive in Richfield) at 9:00AM. The Nokomis Station even has its own breakfast, also at the Fred Babcock VFW at 9:00AM on the 4th Tuesday of the month. I urge you to try a local Retirement Breakfast, especially if you are retired.

I think you will find an opportunity for general bonhommie and a good breakfast at a very reasonable rate. I don’t think you will be disappointed, and perhaps you will make them a good habit!


Branch 9 Retiree Gold Tournament at Shamrock Golf Gourse

The Retiree Golf Tournament was held on August 16th and we had 27 people in attendance.y



2011 Honored Guests Red and Gold Retiree Banquet
60 Year Members

Robert Andersen, Leonard Bergstrom, Robert Nelson, Frank Newman & Robert Solberg

50 Year Members
Richard Anderson, Larry Blesi, Larry Dahlberg, Lindahl Gleason, Herbert Halverson, Adrian Hames, Lee Holsman, Anthony Kruse, Arthur Kujawa, Robert Logelin, Robert Masuda, Glenn Paulson, Francis Rice, Russell Swanson & David Thompson

Attention retired members: The "Making Work Pay" tax credit expired Dec. 31. The credit was originally included as a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (President Obama's economic stimulus package). As a result, many retirees could see higher federal tax withholding amounts this year, although due to an IRS delay, any adjustment of withholding levels did not actually take place until Feb. 1. Click here to read an explanation of the tax credit, and click here to read a PDF explaining the change. Federal Times





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Rodeny Anderson

Director of Retirees



Barry Weiner &



Robert Baird


Walter Couillard, Walter Czerepak,
Aldo Della Rocca, Herbert Franzen,
George Gustafson, Robert Hendricks,
William Kirkwood, Russell Magnuson,
Virgil Magnuson, John McKibbin,
Elton Miller, Harold O Dell,
Albert Olson, Roger Ritter,
William Shimp, Nick Sinigaglio,
James Smith, Raymond Spernick,
Joseph Stimart, Vernon Swenson,
Lloyd Toll, Richard Utterberg

Bruce Allen, Richard Ammend,
Adrian Anderson, Griffith Arnold,
Donald Beyl, Richard Burgin,
Darrell Dahlin, Gerald Eliason,
Gordon Froseth, Donald Granger,
Robert Harris, Albert Harvath,
William Holman, Robert Hooper,

Cheryl Stately's children, Jeff Reiger,
and Bobbi Reiger proudly accept the
plaque that will be placed over the
entrance of the apartments above the
Branch 9 office apartments