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National Association of Letter Carriers
P. A. L. 9 (Political Action League)
11581 Ilex Street N.W., Coon Rapids, Mn 55448-2316

Lenny Larson, President
Rodney Anderson , Secretary - Ron Lawrence, Treasurer

Board Members:
Mike Zagaros - Darrell Maus - Bob Baird - Rick Onslow - Barry Weiner
Lisa O’Neill - Connie Beissel - Jeremy Rothstein


Dear Brothers and Sisters; It’s that time of year again when our members must decide if they want to stand up and take part in the political process or just stand on the sidelines and let others determine the outcome of the elections. While there are many ways to engage in this process, PAL 9 allows us to not only financially support politicians favorable to our issues, but to meet with them personally to reinforce our agenda. Like it or not, money is still the boss when it comes to elections. The next election year will be particularly important to all workers and the very future of the American values we were raised with. You surely have noticed by now the extreme negativity that many of the candidates are espousing. It is pretty apparent that a number of them don’t give a damn about the average citizen. Their solution to every problem in the country is to cut or privatize Social Security or any safety net that helps the disadvantaged or retired. They want to engage in more war but desert the veteran when he or she returns from battle. If these or other social issues don’t concern you, unfair trade agreements and loss of job security should. Never forget that our job as Letter Carriers can be upended with the stroke of the Congressional pen. PAL 9 lost its’ greatest benefactor Howard Lamson recently. He singly contributed nearly fifty percent of our donations in the past five years or so. Its’ time for ALL of us, active and retired, to step up and make up for what this one individual provided for all that time. After all, it is your career and pension that are at stake.

Lenny Larson Ron Lawrence President PAL 9 Treasurer PAL 9


Address:____________________________________________________________________________ ____$ 25.00 Annual Dues

____ Very Concerned Membership ( $50.00 or More )

____Active Carrier ( Station ___________________ )

_____ Retired Carrier

Clip & Mail to:

Ron Lawrence 11581 Ilex Street NWCoon Rapids, MN 55448-2316

Lenny Larson
P.A.L. 9 President & Branch 9 President Emeritus
History of P.A.L. 9

While giving a PAL 9 report at a recent GMM, it occurred to me as I stood before the members in attendance that an increasing number were not around when this political action committee was originally started in Branch 9. Hopefully a little history and better understanding will loosen up letter carrier wallets.

The earliest Branch records show that efforts by our leadership at that time were engaged with forming PAL 9 in 1975. In early 1976, President Bob Tripanier in correspondence with National Ex. V.P. J. Joseph Vacca, sent his ideas about a local pac that would work in conjunction with NALC headquarters.

As it turned out, our Branch started PAL 9 on our own. Since that time we have gone through many changes in how we operate. At first, due to Hatch Act provisions, only retired members could make up the PAL board and its’ officers. Revisions to the Act in 1993 now made it possible for active carriers to take an active role.

At this time we also became much more active in the state AFL/ CIO and the central labor union. Because of these affiliations, it was important to become involved with state and local politics as well as federal elections. This involvement helped to give the rise of support for our causes from local unions and politicians. Evidence of this support has been repeated many times over. All of our rallies and campaigns to protect our jobs were attended and supported by these locals and the politicians we support.

Some may wonder why we have a political action committee while our National operates one of its’ own. There have been times that our national leadership has asked this same question. There are several reasons. Because our pac funds are local we are able to contribute to local and state candidates as well as federal. Although our national office encourages us to attend political fundraisers, our requests for funding were often turned down. Oftentimes these events are planned on very short notice making it very difficult to obtain funding to go because of time constraints within our national.

Local control of funding to at least attend a political event gives us much greater ability to meet our candidates and explain our position on matters of legislation affecting letter carriers. We believe that face to face meetings with candidates and politicians to be much more effective than just a late donation through the mail.

Additionally, we have used PAL 9 funds to help other Branches within the state to attend political events and candidate fundraisers. Our feeling is that we need to elect as many labor friendly candidates from Minnesota as possible.

After participating and overseeing PAL 9 for over thirty years one thing still bothers me. Retirees always contribute in greater numbers than active carriers. Active letter carriers stand to lose an entire career. Most of the misery you suffer at the hands of management can be directly attributed to Congressional actions.

Recent hires pay more into retirement and have to work more years to be eligible. The prefunding requirement for future retiree health benefits has pinched postal finances to the point that active carriers get pinched in the ass to make up for the shortfall.

The only resolution to these problems is legislative action. I sit at the monthly union meetings and listen to all the problems the members want the officers and stewards to resolve. How about doing something only you can do for yourself?