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MDA’s mission is to save and improve the lives of people fighting muscle diseases. Seventy seven cents of every dollar that is donated is used to find treatments/cures and to support the families in their struggles to understand and cope with the disease.


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    MDA 'Deliver the Cure'
    America's letter carriers have helped lead the search for cure for neuromuscular diseases for half a century.
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    We’re fighting to free individuals — and the families who love them — from the harmful effects of muscular dystrophy, ALS and related life-threatening diseases so they can live longer and grow stronger.

Branch 9 Members help "Deliver the Cure"

The money collected will help pay for (1) One day of medical supplies at a MDA Summer Camp (it typically costs $53 a day for each child), (2) Support a group session ($100 to educate and it also allows parents time to network with others having like experiences), (3) Physical therapy (consultations run $150), (4) Repairs (for wheelchairs and/or other equipment $500) and (5) For the kids to have a camp where they can enjoy themselves and have professional counselors available that are trained in the special needs required by these children ($800 for a week of summer camp).

MDA Bowl-a-thon

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Saturday May 12, 2018

We have raised tens of thousands of dollars

Thank You to all the Bowlers and Sponsers

How can you help?

Branch 9, MDA needs your help! Branch Niner’s working together will have an enormous effect on the total dollars raised at the Bowlathon. The money raised will send several children to summer camp and seeing these kids smile and having fun will be nothing short of mission accomplished. There are several ways every carrier can participate. Come bowl 2 fun games, eat some pizza and have a few refreshments. Have a great time watching as your fellow co-worker score 6 strikes in a row or to see the challenged bowler, bounce their ball off the gutters and still score a spare. The talk at the station will be interesting. There is a $40 minimum pledge and no maximum limit. Lane sponsors will get their company name posted in large print at the Bowlathon. While you are bowling, enjoy the full service restaurant/beverage center where many relaxing beverages will be available. And in between games order some nice crunchy fries and place a bid on one of the many fabulous baskets created by the Branch Niner’s. There is always a good deal to be had at the silent auction. Typically, there are several types of baskets including, but not limited to baskets with beverage, food, tools, gift certificate, and personal care products. Something for everyone to enjoy!