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@MDECOM ‐‐ Minnesota Department of Education
@MinnLRL ‐‐ Minnesota Legislative Reference Library
@MNDot ‐‐ Minnesota Department of Transportation
@MNHealth ‐‐ Minnesota Department of Health
@MNHouseInfo ‐‐ The Minnesota House of Representatives' Public Information
@PositivelyMN ‐‐ Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic
@UMNews ‐‐ University of Minnesota News Service
@alliancemn ‐‐ Alliance for a Better Minnesota
@wellstoneaction ‐‐ Wellstone Action


E-Activist Network

Join together with tens of thousands of other letter carriers to make your voice heard! NALC will send you e-mail alerts when it's time to act on issues affecting active and retired letter carriers and the future of the Postal Service.

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Contribute to the PAC

The Letter Carrier Political Fund is the anchor for NALC’s legislative and political activities


Contact Your Representative

Make sure your elected officials in Congress stand up for letter carriers and our issues.

The NALC’s Government Affairs team is here to help. Contact the department if you need help:

  • Preparing to visit your senator or representative in the Washington, DC or district office
  • Getting the status of legislation before Congress
  • Finding out what your branch can do to help advance NALC’s legislative agenda and what we can do to support your local legislative efforts
  • Contributing to the NALC’s political action committee
  • Becoming an e-Activist
  • Signing up for NALC robocalls and text message alerts
  • Becoming a Carrier Corps member or logging your Carrier Corps activities