City Carrier Assistant (CCA) Resources

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    Retirement Savings
    Retirement savings plan: CCAs now have access to a plan designed specifically to help them save money for retirement. Provided for by the 2013 Das interest arbitration award, the retirement savings plan (RSP) for CCAs who are members of the NALC was created by the union’s Mutual Benefit Association (MBA) to give CCAs a tax-deferred way to save for retirement. The RSP was organized as a traditional IRA and was specially created for CCAs who are not yet eligible to earn pension benefits under FERS or to participate in the TSP.
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    Health Benefits

    New Employees - Regarding Health Benefits If you are newly hired into a career position with the Postal Service, or are a new hire CCA, you may enroll for the remainder of the current year if you enroll within 60 days of your eligibility date. (You will have the opportunity to change your enrollment thereafter during Open Season or if you have a Qualifying Life Event.)

    NALC Health Plan

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